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Exit Numbers

April 16th, 2008

06:00 am - Mariachi Plaza temporarily unavalibe
Since this is all things about the five freeway. And travelers often visit the Plaza, i just felt i should let you know that due to construction: The mariachis are on the corner of Bailey and Pennsylvania, until construction is done (November). Ready for the annual Mariachi festival.


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March 24th, 2008

02:39 am - AMBER ALERT
ATTENTION: There is an Amber Alert in your area.

Missing From: 1800 Block of Norwalk, Delano, CA
Missing Date: 3/23/2008 12:00 AM

Contact: Delano Police Department


Missing Child
Name: Janet Guiterrez
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Hispanic Age: 16
Height: 5'6" Weight: 100 lbs.
Gender: Female

Name: Unknown
Skin Color: Hispanic
Gender: Male
Name: Unknown
Skin Color: Hispanic
Gender: Male
Name: Unknown
Skin Color: Hispanic
Gender: Male

Vehicle Information
Make: Ford Model: Taurus
Color: Green
License State: CA

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February 11th, 2008

12:30 am - bah!
so i made my 6 hour drive back home from Stockton to Long Beach tonight and let me say just a few things...

1) it was a relatively nice drive with not alot of cars on the road and very few trucks - kinda weird

2) are they feeding those cows something different? cause man did it smell worse than usual!!

3) i was disappointed at the Arco/AMPM at the Lost Hills/Wasco stop - you can no longer use your card at the pump, you have to use debit only at the register inside and they now charge a 45 cent fee, the restaurant toilets are offlimts and you have to use the out door ones which arnt even suitable for the homeless - note to self, find a new gas station to go to!

4) i understand if you have a fast car and you want to get somewhere quickly, but 1) please please be safe, those who zoom by me scare the sh*t out of me! 2) if im in your way DO NOT flash your lights at me, i will move over after i pass the truck and if im in the slow lane, tough shit, thats where im supposed to be - its just down right rude to flash your lights

i guess thats all - thanks for letting me vent :D

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December 18th, 2007

08:02 am - Laughing a little at this one...
KPAM's Bob Miller discovered yellow means stop if you can, not stop if you feel like it the hard way on a motor scooter. Ouch!

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October 21st, 2007

10:39 pm - Fire locations in the southwest
As you will notice a few of them are near the 5. Drive safe.


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September 11th, 2007

03:44 am - Props to 9-11
Gotta give the respect.

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August 28th, 2007

09:00 pm - Red Moon Eclipse ....

Current Mood: tiredtired

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August 20th, 2007

07:52 pm - Your wipers are on, but why aren't your headlights?
Remember, ORS 811.515 and common fucking sense requires you to have your lowbeams on when it's raining or snowing, and at all times in tunnels and safety corridors. Turn on your headlights and shut off the highbeams, auxillary lights and fog lights unless you're not following or approaching other vehicles. Your vehicle lights are primarily for others to see you by, not for you to see by, and the extra lights are generally positioned for you to see better at the expense of extra glare for oncoming drivers. And just replace any blue or green lights with legal colors that don't blind people as badly if you leave them on accidentally.

Cyclists, turn your lights on, too, and if you don't have them, don't ride. It applies especially to you, since cyclists go from nearly invisible to readily noticable just by the addition of proper lights at night or in the rain.

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July 20th, 2007

02:09 am - I5 intersection with the 60,10, and 101.
SO. This morning on the way to a job site, i notice that "they" where filming down the street from me in an empty parking lot. Though i don't know if it was the same people as the other day, it stands to reason. Also, there was filming being done at Lincoln Park, and upon the return journey from the job site, i noticed that they had golf carts there, near the lake. But i don't know if it was because they were filming a golf movie, or just lazy actors.

Later in the day, around 6pm, i left home for a walk and then went to the market. Upon returning there were approximately 5 cop cars stationed at the intersection of boyle ave and pleasant ave (across the street from mariachi plaza). I could not tell what was going on, but it looked like the cops where entering and exiting a home.

It did seem like what ever happened had passed, as the cops where lethargic and the helicopter made only a few passes. Strangely though, i found that this particular house is where nothing but bbqs happen. They bbq almost on a daily basis. it's usually the house that's a few homes down that gets the cop calls.

Other then that, it's been a typical day in Boyle Heights.

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July 19th, 2007

10:57 pm - Sharing the road
As a professional driver, I spend almost all day, almost every day on the interstates of Cascadia, I see lots of common driving mistakes that chain-react into major slowdowns. Almost all of these could be readily prevented with a little prep work and/or communication with other drivers.

  • Keep your vehicle running. Make sure you have plenty of fuel, oil, coolant, and air in the tires before hitting the freeway. Nothing gums up the works more than some loser breaking down on the freeway.

  • Broke down anyway? Signal right to let people know you want out, get on the hard shoulder, hit your hazard flashers to let people know you're creating an obstruction on the roadway, slow down, and finally pull entirely clear of the pavement. Do NOT park on the pavement for any reason if it's physically possible to move onto the soft shoulder, as other people may need to pull out or speed back up, or you may force a bicyclist into traffic (yes, most of I-5 is open to bicyclists, yes people do take advantage of it). When returning to the freeway, get back on the hard shoulder, accelerate to at least half-speed, then shut off the hazard flashers and signal left to let people know you want in, merge when safe and finish accelerating to traffic speed.

  • Mirrors and turn signals are your friends. Signal your exit (even if it's an ONLY lane), signal your enterence if you don't have your own lane, and signal your lane changes early. Use your mirrors and check over your shoulders. Remember that through lanes always have right of way over onramps and lanes ending, so merge sooner rather than later if at all possible.

  • The left lane is NOT your friend. Get out of the passing lane. In Oregon where three or more lanes go in the same direction, the left lane is reserved for passing only unless otherwise posted; on all roads, RVs and cars pulling any kind of trailer are required to remain in the right lane except to pass. In Washington, ALL drivers are required to remain in the far right lane except when passing, trailers and vehicles over 5 tons are prohibited entirely from the farthest left lane when there's three or more lanes in the same direction. Even if you're going "fast," get out of the passing lane as soon as possible. The fast lane is the one to the right of the passing lane.

  • "Carpool only" means just that. Driving solo? Move the fsck over and wait your turn: You should have brought a buddy. People who carpool and team drivers either earned that lane by carpooling or drive as a team to move more of the stuff you buy faster.

  • MERGE!!! If your lane is closing or about to end, get out as soon as you're aware of a closure, don't wait for the lane to run out. DOT warns you about these things precisely because through lanes have the right of way over merging and ending lanes and so we all don't have to slam on the brakes because you forgot how to drive.

  • Traffic jams and hazard flashers: If you're approaching standstill traffic, please warn drivers behind you by turning on your hazard flashers before you start slowing down for the obstruction, and keep them on until traffic behind you has caught up and is also slowing down. By doing so, you are increasing the visibility of the blockage to drivers still hurtling towards it at normal freeway speeds, allowing them to slow down in time. That's why your vehicle is equipped with hazard flashers: When you're at the back of a traffic jam, you're the new obstructing hazard in the path of everyone behind you. Warn them!

  • If you're behind a trucker, bus or RV that puts it's blinker on to merge and you have the room to let them in, let them know you're not about to shoot into their blind spot trying to beat their lane change by blinking your lowbeams. It's a pain to see the back of any large vehicle, especially when the back is 50+ feet behind your mirrors; loan 'em an extra pair of eyeballs.

  • Lowbeam headlights on, day and night. Not only does this make you more visible in all conditions, it also relieves you of the burden of having to remember to turn on your headlights every time you encounter dust, fog, smoke, rainy weather, a tunnel, and from dusk to dawn. Just turn 'em on and leave 'em on. If you're parked but still with the vehicle, turn off the headlights and keep the parking lights on until you're ready to leave it unattended. This helps others figure out what your intentions are. If you drive a relatively recent vehicle, your vehicle will do this for you if you leave the headlight switch on, based on the position of the ignition key.

  • Parking lights are NOT headlights: They mean you're parked. If you're rolling, turn on your headlights. Oregon prohibits the use of parking lights while moving.

  • Fog lights and auxilary lights are considered highbeam headlights and are prohibited any time highbeams are prohibited. Shut them off lest you blind someone or other people assume you're a drunk retard.

  • Prevent accidents: Visualize stopping distance. You should be two or more seconds behind the vehicle ahead of you on dry pavement, twice that in wet weather, more in icy conditions. If you're getting hit with debris from the vehicle you're following, that's a good sign you're tailgating.

  • Accident? Pull over. It's illegal, rude, stupid and highly dangerous to remain in the travel lanes, especially if it's possible to drive the wreck to the side. Then call for help and exchange info as necessary. You'd think this would be obvious, but apparently enough people don't get it that WSDOT posts very large signs to this effect along the freeways.

  • From California? Consider Amtrak instead. If you must drive out of state, educate yourself. The rest of the continent (save for Quebec, what with it's no-right-turn-on-red policy) knows how to drive; y'all are the odd ones out on I-5. By driving in Oregon or Washington, you agree that you have read and fully understand the rules of the road in Oregon and Washington. Rant: Just because California's DMV will issue licenses to people who drive like drunk fratboys on the driving test and provide answer keys to the written test during testing doesn't mean you have to demonstrate your driving ignorance at every opportunity. Also keep in mind that the pacific northwest is full: Enjoy your stay, but remember to leave when you're done. And take back your old neighbor that forgot to leave after coming here a few years ago: They won't stop bitching about the fact we actually have weather and complaining how everything isn't paved over like the shithole they forgot to go back to and fix. Not quite understanding the whole "Fix your own damn problems," "When in Rome" and "If you want X, you know where to find it" concepts.

Thanks for reading. Have a safe trip!

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